AThe Kids Praise Album                                   Self Entitled
Bibleway National Mass Choir                       What's It All For
Grand Rapids Mass Choir                               Grand Rapids Mass Choir 2
Harold Sutton and The Pastor's Choir               Give Him Praise!

Polk County Mass Choir                                Self Entitled
Rance Majestic Choir                                        Jesus Is Everything
Leonia Boyd                                                   A Good Mother's Love
Floyd Cramer                                                 The Rebels

The Fantastic Family Aires              I'm So Glad
The New Gospel - Airs               Oh, What You Going To Do When Jesus Comes Back For You
Pastor Donald L. Alford                  Rain On Us
Inez Andrews        Album, LP        Jehovah Is His Name
Inez Andrews        Album, LP        If Jesus Came To Your Town Today

Ken Guab and Eternity Express                       Satisfied
Sound Of Faith                                                Give God The Praise
Scott Holy                                                       Self Entitled
Lynette                                                           Baby Sis
The Vine Sisters and Family                         There's A Blessing Over The Hill
Albertina Walker                                           Beckons And Call For Me
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